How to Drive Motorcycle Safely in Canada?

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How to Drive Motorcycle Safely in Canada? Our life itself is a journey where the vehicle is our soul who crosses uncountable amount of distance just to feel the happiness and peace.

Just like this in our world there are so many types of vehicle to ride, to cross the distances on the road. Motorcycle is the most popular vehicle among them.

It is mostly liked by the young generation. There’s a famous saying among the young people about motorcycle riding that is,

How to Drive Motorcycle Safely in Canada?

“Sometimes it takes a whole tank of fuel before you can think straight”

This saying undoubtedly screaming the connection between the mind and motorcycle rides. Riding a motorcycle is like an art which is something you do only because you feel something from inside to do.

A motorcycle is a vehicle with two wheels, front wheel and back wheel, with an engine in the middle of these two seats and a cap for safety. The person who rides the motorcycle is defined as a motorcyclist.

‘’No plans, no maps, no gaps , no rules, just ride’’ is the motto of some young motorcyclist. It gives them a wild pleasure of freedom which is very to get to feel in this world which is full of a bunch of depressed people.

Motorcycle styles differ from country to country and each country have different motorcycle riding rules. Canada is a North American country which is considered as a very well-developed country. Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, honda, bmw are the most famous motorcycle brand in Canada. Canada has some very strict rules regarding motorcycle riding.

If the riders do not follow them, they must be ready to face the punishment as well. In terms of the rights and responsibilities of a motorcyclist in Canada, most of the additional rules are based on ensuring the safety of the riders and bystanders on the road. Instead of all these rules, sometimes accidents took place on the road.

People also may die and so many has already died from bike accident. Sometimes seriously hurt motorcycle accident victims get compensation from the rider who is considered responsible for the accident.

We are here to give you guidelines about how to drive motorcycle safely in Canada. If you are a citizen of Canada, this thing is a must read for you. let’s have a look on them,

Get a Licence

The first thing that you need to be a motorcyclist is the licence. You have to go to any nearby drive test center to apply for licence and it needs a few bucks to apply.

You have to bring your original identification card that shows your legal name, date of birth and you signature to apply. Here they have an age restriction. Your age must be at least 16 or more than 16 for being eligible to apply for motorcycle licence in Canada.

If you you are someone below 16, you are not allowed to ride a motorcycle. You have to pass the eye test and the written test about the rules of the road and traffic signs.

After passing the test you will get an M1 licence which means you are considered as a beginner rider who needs to practice riding and gain experience over time.

Obey Traffic Rules

Obeying traffic rules is the first condition of a safe drive. You have to follow all the traffic rules that you read for passing the written test to get the lisence.

If you are riding on a Canadian road, you must carry a valid driving liscence all times as it is the only proof that shows you have permission to ride on the road. Knowing about Ontario motorcycle laws before you go for a ride can save your time, money and most importantly your life also.

Wear Helmet While Riding

The use of helmet undoubtedly saved uncountable lives from accidents. The discovery of helmet is a blessing for motorcyclists. It protects your head from being injured. Wearing an approved helmet is compulsory in Canada. Your motorcycle must have a valid owner’s permit, licence plate and insurance.

Get M Class Licence

An M class licence is a must to drive a motorcycle on the road but as a motorcyclist you must know your vehicle type to get the proper licence.

The type of licence you will get depends on the type of motorcycle that you owns and want to ride on the road.

For mopeds and motorized scooters ,which are mostly considered as “limited-speed’’ motorcycle you have to have M with condition L type licence which includes M1 and M2-L.

If you are using three-wheeled motorcycles, you need to have M with condition M licence including M1 and M2-M (full speed motorcycle).

Once you get your M2 licence, you will get up to five years to complete the learning process.

If you can’t manage yourself to get the full licence in thee five years, you will need to start over from the beginning.

People who holds an M1,M2-L,M2 or M2-M license are considered as novice drivers.

Study Official Motorcycle Handbook

If you are sitting in the written test to get the driving licence, Ontario’s official motorcycle handbook will help you. It has all the rules and practical riding tips in it. You can get the book from online through ServiceOntario, from a driving test center or from retail stores.

Be Careful While Driving

For some rebellion, motorcycles are symbols of freedom. Sometimes they forgot to look around when they are riding it and this is the only reason of so many accidents on the road. Whenever you are on a bike, don’t get carried away fully out of enjoyment, keep you eyes wide open with some survival tricks on your head.

Maintain Handlebars Properly

Maintaining handlebars properly is very important and it must be tight and unharmed. If you are modifying the handles, they must not cross 380mm above the uppermost part of the seat while you are already seating on the motorcycle. It is also known as the 15’’ rule.

Final Words: How to Drive Motorcycle Safely in Canada

There is a very common tendency among the motorcyclists on the road that is competing with another motorcyclists. This tendency is not only dangerous for the driver, this brings danger to other vehicles on the roads and the passengers also. Motorcyclists are considered as free birds on the road, but being a free bird following some rules for the betterment of own life is not so difficult to do.


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