How to Fix a Stripped Oil Pan Drain Hole?

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How to Fix a Stripped Oil Pan Drain Hole? One of the key necessities of running a car smoothly is a regular oil change. You obviously would always install the best oil drain pan for your vehicle. But what happens when the oil plan drain hole is stripped?

It is not a common scenario for the oil pan drain to get leaked or stripped. An owner would want to reach out to mechanics and spend a huge amount of money. But the work can be done all by yourself. Here we will know how to fix a stripped oil pan drain hole easily and effectively.

How to Fix a Stripped Oil Pan Drain Hole: 3 Most Effective Ways

A common suggestion a mechanic would give you is tightening the bolt with an impact gun. However, tightening the bolt too much will damage the oil pan drain even more. As a result, the leak would spread out around the bolt.

Oftentimes, you may end up getting the wrong treatment for your vehicle’s oil pan drain. You may even end up paying a huge amount of money without any proper work. Therefore, it is essential to know that how you can fix the stripped oil pan drain hole of your car.

Here are 3 of the most effective ways you can deal with the stripped oil pan drain hole all on your own.

The 1st Way: Using Rubber Plug for Temporary Fixing

Sometimes, you may not have enough time to go for a permanent or long-term fix of the strip.

During such times, you can install a simple rubber plug on the oil pan. It is a temporary repair of the leak.

You must be careful in choosing the proper fit for your oil pan. After applying the rubber plug, you will have to pressure more and more to ensure that the rubber plug is installed properly.

You should start the engine afterward and bring the engine to the optimum temperature. You will need to constantly check if there is any remaining leak.

The 2nd Way: Using a TIME-SERT to Repair the Oil Pan Strip

This is a permanent solution to the oil problem of your vehicle. Moreover, you can be sure that this is the best repair you can do on your own. Using the TIME-SERT means that you are using the best tool kit out there to repair stripped oil pan drain holes.

The TIME-SERT tool kit is capable of giving the strip a professional repair. As a result, it is likely to hold the fixing for a long time than you can ever think of.

The tool kit is generally as same as a Helicoil. However, the tool kit is specifically designed to repair stripped oil pan drain holes. You will find brand new oil drain bolts as well as sealing washers inside a TIME-SERT tool kit.

In addition to this, you will not need to match the shape and size of the bolt to fit into the pan properly. The shape will automatically adjust after the whole repairing process is complete.

The 3rd Way: Using a Helicoil to Fix the Oil Pan Drain Hole

The final option to fix the hole is using the Helicoil. It is another permanent solution to the problem. However, it may not be as long-term as the second option.

So what is a Helicoil? Helicoils are hard steel thread inserts. They are available in many different sizes and shapes. As a result, you can find the best fit for the oil pan. Repairing using the Helicoil will be strong and is expected to last for a long time without any major issue.

As TIME-SERT tool kits can be quite expensive, you can easily use Helicoils to fix the oil pan. This process will give you similar fixing but may not be as durable as using the TIME-SERT.

Final Words: How to Fix a Stripped Oil Pan Drain Hole?

It is always best to know how to fix stripped oil pan drain hole on your own. You can find several professional mechanics around you to do the works on your behalf.

However, it is always the wisest and cost-effective option to fix the hole all by yourself. The 3 ways mentioned in the articles are tested.

Many people have found using the TIME-SERT tool kit to be long-lasting. Nevertheless, you can use any of the 3 ways for both temporary and permanent solutions.


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