How to Use Campaigns in Salesforce? [Top 5 Easy Tips]

How to Use Campaigns in Salesforce?
How to Use Campaigns in Salesforce?

In this competitive market, every business needs to improve their communication to get customers. With quality products and services, businesses need to reach out to customers through marketing activities. Salesforce campaign is mainly designed for this reason. It’s a set of messages which are developed and delivered to target customers. Nowadays, this CRM tool is very popular and used by many big companies. This article is for the new users who don’t know how to use these campaigns in salesforce. Here a complete guide is given. If you are a new one, you can follow this article.

Salesforce also provides CRM software for nonprofit organizations, which is named salesforce for nonprofits. You can check this out if you require.

What is Salesforce Campaign?

A campaign refers to a common idea to communicate to a group of prospects and target customers. There are various types of campaigns, and each has a specific objective. For instance, marketing campaigns are dedicated to reaching out to the target audience and engaging them with a business.

The Salesforce campaign is basically the campaigns designed, implemented, and managed in the sales force. It is a bunch of leads and contacts exposed to marketing communication for a group of target audiences. Salesforce, a customer relationship management tool, allows businesses to personalized campaigns according to the preferences and needs of the clients. Here the entire procedure is automated and efficient by which a business can easily maintain a goods relationship with its customer.

How to Use Campaigns in Salesforce?

To achieve the organizational goals and manage the database, a business can use salesforce campaigns in four ways. These are as follows:

Downloadable Web Content:

Some companies provide valuable content like brochures, e-books, presentations, etc., that people can download from their websites. In salesforce, you will also get an alternative for it named Salesforce Dashboard E-book, by which you can provide downloadable web content to your target customers.

Instead of giving the materials free, you can ask for their email address. You need to link the form to the salesforce campaign, by which you will not only be able to capture the person as the lead but also connect the leads to your campaign.

One-time Promotional Emails:

Many big companies send one-time promotional emails to their prospects and target customers. The main objective of doing so is to conduct inquiries and increase sales in the short term. You can also do the same thing very easily in salesforce.

You just need to link all the emails to your salesforce campaign. Through this campaign, you will easily be able to send promotional emails to all your prospects at a time. Then you need to update the member status to “Sent.” After that, whenever the person to whom you have sent the mail clicks on the link of your email in the sales force, you will get notified. At that time, the “Sent” status should be updated to “Clicked.” You can also edit it to the “Engaged” if they fill the form attached with the email.

Events And Webinars:

You can also use salesforce for events and webinars. Using this campaign, you can ask your contacts to attend a promotional webinar. It will also allow you to keep a record of the response of your prospects.

Whenever someone signs in the session, you will be notified, and by which, you will be updated on the number of people registered for the webinar and event. Here, you will also get the facilities of member status like, Not sent, sent, attending, attended, declined, no show, etc. 

Ongoing Nurture Emails:

In the Salesforce campaign, you will get 50 prepared nurture emails. You can send one per week to your target audience very easily by using this platform. That means this campaign will allow you to regularly nurture your leads which is very important for brand awareness. You can also track the response to your email, by which you will easily understand how the campaign is going on.


Salesforce, one of the best CRM tools in the world, has a broad scope in which nonprofit organizations are also included. Its campaigns are helping many giant companies to maintain good customer relationships. Nowadays, many new users are using this for doing so but don’t know how to use these campaigns in salesforce. Here we have given a guide on it. Following this article will definitely be fruitful for new users.

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