Why Should I Choose Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Walls? [10 Reasons]

Choose Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Walls
Choose Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Walls

People often get confused about which one to choose for the floor or walls among various tiling options. And they ended up questioning like – should I go for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles or, marble tiles?

Again, when it comes to durability and budget, it’s obvious that you want the best. In this case, Ceramic tile is the most preferred one.

Why? Below, let’s know why you should choose ceramic tile for floors and walls over other tiles options.

10 Reasons Why Should You Choose Ceramic Tiles for Floors and Walls

Ceramic tile offer much more advantages than other materials. It is one of the most versatile, resistant, and green materials available in the market. Check out the Best Tiles Designs in Bangladesh.

The most significant benefits of ceramic tile for floors and walls are as follows:

Ceramic tiles are scratch-resistant:

Ceramic tiles are produced using a different technology that ensures it’s scratch and stain-resistant. You can’t easily scratch on it unless the pressure is excessive. Thus it’s suitable for interior, exterior, walls, floors, commercial buildings, and residential buildings. As its scope is very wide, it ultimately reduces the cost of production and buying.

Ceramic tiles are heat resistant:

They are non-flammable and don’t emit anything harmful to the people and the environment. Also, ceramic tileis heat resistant and can resist direct flames perfectly. Besides, it doesn’t create black stains due to heat.

Ceramic tiles also resist water, steam, and dampness:

Ceramic tiles are water, steam, and damp resistant, for which the area you will cover by installing tiles will completely be protected. If any water is fallen, you need to wipe it to clean.

Dampness is a big drawback for the floor materials. Ceramic tile is less prone to damping; thus, the floor remains good for a long time.

Ceramic tiles are easy to take care of:

The maintenance process of ceramic tile is super easy. If any dirt or anything comes with the contact of ceramic tile, you can wipe it easily. If the dirt is very aggressive, take some detergents and wipe them out.

Ceramic tiles are ideal for heated floors:

Ceramic tiles have less conductivity of heat. Hence it shows an excellent performance in heating systems which is even better than some insulating materials.

Ceramic tiles can be cleaned with aggressive detergents too:

Not all cladding materials can tolerate aggressive detergent. However, ceramic tile can sustain mild to harsh detergents due to its durable nature.

Ceramic tiles are environment-friendly:

Ceramic tile is extremely environment-friendly. During its whole life-cycle, it will not harm even an inch of the environment and your health as well.

Besides, the production process of these tiles is also eco-friendly. Considering all these, ceramic tile is ideal for us and our environment.

Ceramic tiles are durable:

While it’s about cladding materials, durability is a considering factor. It is important because making floors, walls, interiors, or exteriors is a long-time investment. Ceramic tile is durable enough and lasts for a long time.

Ceramic tiles are available in different varieties:

Ceramic tile is produced in different varieties and types. For that, you can easily change the entire look of your house according to your preference. As you are getting many options here, you can choose from a wide variety of options. Thus you can also renovate your house easily by using this.

Ceramic tiles are inert:

Ceramics tiles are completely inert for the nature of the materials and production process. It doesn’t emit any volatile organic compounds.

That means it barely reacts with any compound or chemical. That is why its installation is also free of complexity and risk. Besides, you will not face any harm when you are using it.


There are many advantages of ceramic tile over mosaic and concrete, for which it has gained this much popularity. Apart from the reasons you should choose ceramic tile for floors and walls given here, there are other benefits. After all, it’s worth investing in ceramic tiles in terms of durability, budget, and user benefits.

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