How Long Does the Average Canadian Marriage Last?


How long does the average canadian marriage last? Read the entire article, you will know some surprising facts and updates about average Canadian marriage duration.

Marriage means a beautiful sacred bond between two individuals. However, we want to describe it in a more structured way. In that case, it is a social and legal contract and formal union between two personalities that connect them economically, legally, and emotionally.

A marriage usually happens between a woman and man, set by customs, rules, beliefs, attitudes, and laws. It suggests the duties and rights of the accords and partners the status of their offspring.

Undoubtedly marriage is a happy event in anyone’s life. But we all know the fact that happiness never comes alone. It comes with a bigger responsibility. The bigger the happiness, the bigger the responsibility is. The problem begins with these responsibilities.

How Long Does the Average Canadian Marriage Last?

The couple who becomes successful in completing these responsibilities with mutual understanding can enjoy a happy married life. On the contrary, people who fail to carry out these responsibilities end up being divorced.

Our world is full of various cultures, and each culture follows different rules to make the final bond of marriage. We consider such diversity as a blessing to enrich the history of our culture.

It is estimated that Canada is the second-best country compared to the other 60 countries for overall sustainability, having the most influential cultural, economic influence, and, most importantly, healthy quality of life.

Canada also has a different system of marriage. We will discuss today how long does the average Canadian marriage last.

How Long Do Marriages Last?

“Death, till us part” this phrase is not always true. How long a marriage can last depends on many factors such as cultural differences, financial issues, the other family members’ behavior, understanding between them, sexual needs, and so many other things.

According to the Vanier Institute of the Family, it is estimated that around 41% of marriages in Canada have a huge possibility of ending by their 30th marriage anniversary. In legal terms, 7 years is a time period for a long marriage.

Statistics say that at the time of divorce is a woman’s age, and for men, that is 44.5. For a woman, the average age of marriage is 27.6, and for men, it is 30.2. This average age for marriage and divorce is increasing with time.

Marriages in Canada

Marriages that took place in Canada can be either civil or religious. It can be performed by the members of the clergy, marriage commissioners, judges, or clerks of the court, which depends on the laws of each province and territory regulating marriage solemnization.

According to a Canadian marriage, one must follow the province’s law where their marriage ceremony takes place.

In this matter, marriage over the phone or internet is not possible, and both partners must stand in front of a legally recognized person to perform the ceremony.

Divorces in Canada

According to the information given by Google, Canada’s average length of the marriage is 14 years. Among them, 42% of divorces occur while the relationships last between 10 and 24 years.

Statistics say that in Canada, almost 38 percent of marriages end up being divorced. Seeing the increasing figure of divorce numbers, experts predict that somewhere between forty and fifty percent of all marriages existing today will ultimately end in divorce.

Statistics about the divorce rate help us to get an idea about how marriage and divorce have changed by the passage of time. Different time shows different graph as the social condition also plays a vital role in getting divorced.

Women of our present world are more independent and stronger than women from 10 or 20 years back. They are more conscious about their rights and goals in life, inspiring them to come out from a toxic marriage.

But what divorce rate actually indicates? Let’s have a glimpse at some simple issues which will help to grasp Canadian divorce stats.

How Many People End Up Their Marriage by Being Divorced?

The actual reply against the question varies depending on many factors. However, in a general sense, if we look at the statistics from 2003 to 2011, it placed a remarkable possibility of divorcing. That says, by the time of reaching 30th anniversary, almost 38-41% of Canadians got divorced.

Second marriages are more fragile than first marriages and have a huge possibility of turning into divorce, which can skew the overall calculation. Insertion of second and third marriages in studies can hugely increase the proportion of people who divorce their lifetime.

The difference in divorce rates between provinces is very significant. For example, Quebec holds the highest divorce rate (49.7), whereas Newfoundland and Labrador hold the lowest rate of divorce (17.1%).

The statistics do not necessarily account for a couple who are separate but never divorced. Most of the time, statistics do not count cohabiting couples who are separate. Instead, a statistic only counts those who are legally married.

The census plays a very important role in counting the divorce rate in Canada. This census data is collected at a minimum of 5 years interval.

The Reasons Behind Divorces

Divorce is the legal end of a marriage. There are so many factors that fuel a couple to get divorced. Unfortunately, with time these factors are getting their diversity and resulting in increasing the divorce rate.

As a Choice of an Individual

Nowadays, people consider marriage more of an individual choice where religious consideration is getting minor attention.

This belief has made it easier for couples to make freedom their first priority. It has saved so many people from enduring a toxic marriage till their last breath.

In the 1960s and 1980s, divorce laws were liberalized, making the process easier to get divorced in Canada. That increased the social acceptance of divorce overall.

Unable to Meet Living Standard

Low incomes, poverty, youthful marriage, cohabitation, etc., are considered the risk factors of divorce.


People nowadays hold a very high expectation from a marriage which is unrealistic sometimes. When this thought collided with reality, and they cannot meet the expectation, they end up being divorced.

From this perspective, people started seeing the term “divorce” as the magical key that can better support their freedom and happiness in the long run.

There wouldn’t be any authentic statistics on the divorce rate associated with the profession in Canada.

But a data according to the United States shows that choreographers, bartenders, actors, or nurses hold the highest divorce rate. In addition, according to the divorce action, in Canada, one must be separated from his or her partner for divorce.

Last Words

Divorce is never a pleasant solution. Still, to avoid bigger loss, it is often needed to choose an option that seems tough for the initial moment. Marriage is the most common event in every culture worldwide, and it expresses the practice and preference of people in certain places. Thus, you may have an idea ‘how long does the average Canadian marriage last’ after reading this article.


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