How Long a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Takes?

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How Long a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Takes? Motorcycle accidents cause physical injuries. It becomes more challenging to deal with motorcycle accident lawsuits, along with physical injuries.

How Long a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Takes?

Don’t worry if you are a resident of Calgary. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Calgary are the best! They will try their best to settle the lawsuit within a short period.

Although every case is different, we will see a standard outline of filing lawsuits and their outcomes. Hence, you will have a clear idea of how long a motorcycle accident lawsuit takes.

Make Your Claim Wisely

While you are making your claim, you need to consider many things. If you are claiming motorcycle damages, you will have to solidify two things. They are:

The other driver induced the accident and ravage,

The cost of those ravages,

You need to prove the mentioned facts to make your insurance petition steady. If you can successfully prove the other driver entirely guilty of the accident, his insurance will cover all the ravages. However, to make this happen, there are some other prerequisites.

For starters, the guilty driver must have insurance coverage for himself. If you are injured and you had no previous injuries, you can easily prove the other driver guilty. You will also need some other witnesses. They are:

  • Photographs of your ruined motorcycle, your injuries, and accident scene
  • Your medical expenses regarding the accident
  • Doctor’s testimony
  • Motorcycle repair costs
  • Eyewitness

You need to be well-prepared and fight hard. The guilty driver’s insurance company will try their best to minimize the amount or not even give it at all.

Hire a Great Lawyer

I have mentioned before that the opponent’s insurance company will give a good fight. They will try to make you look responsible for the accident or try to settle for a lump sum. This tendency will increase with the severity of your accident.

That is where your excellent motorcycle accident lawyer comes in. It is easy for you to find a motorcycle accident lawyer in Calgary. He will make your claim unshakable, and his negotiating skill will bring you a justified settlement.

This kind of settlement generally takes a month or a month and a half. Although the time frame changes based on the situation of the case. The insurance company usually takes 20 days to make an offer.

After that, your lawyer will discuss with you if you think the offer is justified or not. If not, your layer will renegotiate. The renegotiation moves faster than the first part.

However, if the insurance company takes a month or longer to make the first offer, the process will get lengthy.

You Are Taking Settlement

When your lawyer reaches a reasonable settlement with the insurance company, you need to sign and accept the settlement money.

When you sign, you will lose the ability to sue the guilty driver after it. With that condition, you will receive the settlement amount.

Generally, this is how every motorcycle accident case ends. Your lawyer will receive a check from the guilty party’s insurance company within five to seven days after you sign.

He will adjust his payment for the job from that check and send you the remaining balance.

Proceeding for Trial

If in no way can you reach a reasonable settlement with the insurance company, you and your lawyer may take the matter to court.

That is when your lawsuit will begin. However, there are a couple of other steps before going to trial.

Hence, even after filing a lawsuit, you will have other options before trial. Let’s go through the preliminary trial phases.

The Discovery Phase

When you file a lawsuit, the discovery phase is the first stage. In this stage, both the parties exchange detailed information focusing on the accident.

All the details are thoroughly examined that whose heedlessness caused the accident usually comes out during the examination.

This stage usually requires six months to a year. At any point of this time, if both the party chooses for settling the case, they can.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

If you cannot settle a case in the discovery phase, it will enter ADR. Here, a neutral third party gets involved.

The third-party helps both the accuser and accused party to understand how a jury will handle the case.

In this period, if the accused and accuser party decide to settle, they can withdraw the lawsuit. This period can last for a couple of hours or days.

The Trial

If the pretrial phases fail to settle the matter, the case will proceed to court. However, this is a scarce scenario in motorcycle accident cases.

That is because a trial involves a tremendous amount of money and time. Besides, if you lose that case, you will not even receive the settlement money.

Thus, lawyers usually suggest settling the matter outside of court by receiving handsome fine money.

Unfortunately, if you still need to proceed for trial, you may need two years or more to present your case at court.

Summary: How Long a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Takes

In my opinion, I would suggest you stay away from a lawsuit. However, if you somehow get involved in it, you will know how long a motorcycle accident lawsuit takes.


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