How Can I Learn Advanced English?

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How Can I Learn Advanced English? English is an international bridge of communication. The importance of learning advanced English is indescribable in words for thriving in the current world.

Why English Important?

English is an official international language. Imagine yourself in a foreign country whose native language is different from yours.

How will you communicate with those people? The answer is only through the English language because it is a common language all over the world.

At that moment, if you don’t know English properly, you may feel alienated and suffer from other problems.

In a nutshell, it is impossible to keep pace with the modern world without knowing advanced English.

It becomes more critical for people who desire to pursue higher studies abroad, especially in the US, UK, and Canada.

Those students have to appear in special exams named SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, etc.

hen you are not a pro in English, those exams experience becomes a nightmare for you.

How Can I Learn Advanced English?

Learning a new language, like English, is not easy. This article will teach you some special tricks and hacks you can use to learn advanced English quickly. You can also take advanced English learning courses if you are okay with the long-term learning process.

The process of learning English has four parts. All of these parts are equally necessary for acing English. These parts include:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Now, let’s see the tricks for acing the English language. If you want to learn it, you have to follow each step properly with patience.

Reading from Different Sources

There are English books, newspapers, magazines, novels, and articles online. What are you waiting for? Start reading those documents from today.

For the first couple of days or months, you will face challenges. However, if you stick to it, you will learn a lot. Some of them also have google translators associated with them.

You can take help from that resource too. Even reading the long Facebook posts in English can also boost this process. Grasping the essential English reading is crucial for beginning your English journey.

Learn Vocabularies

You don’t need to parrot a list of a hundred words. Instead, memorizing ten words a day should suffice, but you have to be regular about learning new ones.

This step is related to the first step. When you read from a variety of sources, you will find unknown words.

Then you have to google the meaning or take advantage of a dictionary. Thus, you will learn new words which will add to your storage of vocabulary.

Watch English Dramas and Shows

As a part of honing your listening skills, you may want to watch plenty of English Dramas, Shows, and Serials.

Gaining strong listening skills is hard when you are in an environment where English is not spoken.

Still, it is essential to give your eardrums enough chances so that English words hit them. This activity is a brain exercise.

Create Group Chats

It may sound weird to you, yet it is true. Creating a peer group having the same motif of practicing advanced English accelerates the learning process.

Climbing a steep mountain with a group of people is better than climbing alone, right?

When you see people around you going through the same struggles as yours, you don’t feel your difficulties that much. That is just human psychology.

Similarly, learning together in a group chat may help you all equally by sharing thoughts and ideas.

You can arrange video calls where you will practice English speaking daily.

While texting among the group, you can use the words you learned recently and tell others to do the same.

That technique may enrich your vocabulary.

Take Help from Apps

You will find plenty of apps in Google Playstore designed for new English learners. Duolingo is one of the most popular apps.

Using these apps, you can make English learning both interactive and fun. These apps have features for mastering listening, writing, reading, and speaking separately.

Writing Journals

The central theme of learning English is you have to be able to express yourself appropriately. Wherever you feel you are ready to do so, you can assume that you almost achieved your goal of mastering English.

The best way to show yourself in a chain of words is by initiating a journal or online blog. Jotting down your day-to-day life on a piece of paper or white screen is not that easy.

However, if you start, you will figure it out. You can also begin writing fictional stories or poems. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare or John Keats level.

You can add your creativity to it. Thus, you can polish your English writing skills in your way of thinking. Maybe the next Shakespeare is hidden inside you, who knows?

Characteristics of Advanced English Learners

All advanced English learners possess some common traits. You should also try to acquire those traits (if you don’t already have).

Practice, Practice, and Practice

English is a complex language indubitably, but it will become easier for you if you have practiced enough. Knowing the above steps should not suffice; you have to practice those strategies regularly. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

Persistence and Hard Work

Many of your first languages are not English. As a result, there will be bumps on your way. If you give up quickly, you can never master it.

You have to stick to it and focus on your progress. In many cases, it can take a lot of time too. By putting in enough hard work, you can excel in English.

To Conclude: How Can I Learn Advanced English

Now, you know the importance, steps, and characteristics of learning English. Hence “How Can I Learn Advanced English?” is not a big mystery anymore. Just take a deep breath and start the process. Good luck!


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