Five Common Types Of Civil Cases

Five Common Types Of Civil Cases Featured Image - BlogDoit
Five Common Types Of Civil Cases Featured Image - BlogDoit

Five common types of civil cases are very useful for every citizen. If you ever face any lawsuit related to civil cases, it will help you ressolve your problem.

Read our lawyers’ explanation on those 05 types of civil cases, they are getting at their law firm.

The number of civil cases is increasing enormously nowadays. This is because everyone wants to get the land of others by some means. So, if you are also a victim of it, it is high time to communicate with the Civil Litigation Lawyer in Calgary.

Moreover, in this article, you will get to know about five common types of civil cases. Have a moment to be here and learn about it in the easiest way.

Five Common Types Of Civil Cases

There are different types of civil cases as this is a vast field.

However, below we have discussed 5 of them, which are commonly seen now and then.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes take place between a few entities or an entity that signed the same agreement.

And the key reason behind this debate might be for not fulfilling the legitimate commitment.

Therefore, it is actually an argument over a contract. 

There are some kinds of contract disputes, which includes:

  • Disputes between a landowner and a renter
  • Controversies about altering between a landholder and a building contractor
  • Disputes over selling lands or property
  • Selling defective products
  • Inconvenience with delivering purchased good
  • Destruction of the non-compete deal
  • Infraction of a business contract


The other name of tort is injury claims.

So, basically, when a person or a business does harm to another, then the victim can claim for being physically hurt.

The allegation of carelessness can also be charged against the defaulter party.

And due to this, the defaulter party needs to give punitive damages like medical bills, lost wages, and others to the victim.

However, a tort can be claimed in 3 ways:

  • Negligence – Causing damage or injury unintentionally
  • Intentional – Doing wrong with a purpose
  • Severe Liability – To ensure the security of the thing that is entrusted to. It does not need negligence or intention

Some instance of tort claims are as follows:

  • Fraud
  • Assault and battery
  • Emotional distress
  • False imprisonment
  • Vehicles accidents
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Slip and fall
  • Medical malpractice
  • Animal attacks
  • Defective products causing damage or injury

Class Action

The class action is quite similar to the tort cases.

In this dispute, the prosecution gives legal representation for an entity or a group of people who were injured someway.

And the material used to conduct the crime might be dangerous, defective items, physical illness, and so forth.

The goal here is to establish that many people were intensely affected due to a fitting cure or product review. Kinds of class actions can include:

  • Individuals exposed to unsafe substances by the business
  • Defective products causing numerous damages, disease, or death
  • Defective vehicle’s parts contributing to accidents
  • An organization or company that has purposely caused damage to some people
  • A business or person that deceives an entity

Complaints Against A City

It is common for complaining against a city and for solving a case out of the court.

And in some cases, the government disagrees to pay.

However, an expert lawyer can help you out here.

For the cases where a party gets hurt due to the city members’ behavior, they can claim a civil case.

Property Disputes

Property disputes are all about the ownership of property and the damages caused to one’s real estate or property.

An experienced civil lawyer can handle various kinds of property disputes.

One of the most common ones is crossing the fence line by one neighbor to go to the other neighbor’s field to extend their house or to do plantation.    

The court may inquire about the given points:

  • Resisting the developer from building a marketable tower in a domestic area
  • Have a party stop at a specific activity
  • Property transferring to the correct owner
  • Repairing the property that is unsafe for the visitors
  • Posting warning signs or changing a policy

Final Words: Five Common Types Of Civil Cases

There are generally two types of cases; one is civil, and the other is criminal.

Civil cases deal with property issues, and criminal cases deal with criminal issues like robbery, killing, raping, and others.

Among both of these, civil cases take a significant amount of time, like more than even a decade, to solve.

However, from the above, you have already known about the five common types of civil cases.

So, if you are entirely into one of those types, contact an experienced civil lawyer to get suggestions.


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