10 Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh

Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh
Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh

The ecommerce industry is booming in Bangladesh. So many e-commerce sites and platforms serve products and deliver them to their buyers regularly. We have made the most authentic list of the best ecommerce sites in Bangladesh.

With the increasing use of technology, the scope for “online shopping” and thus Ecommerce sites are increasing exponentially. We’ve seen massive growth in dependency on e-commerce sites in the last decade. Everything is now just one click away from electronics to garments, from accessories to home décor. You can even order organic food items online from sites like Shopoth.com.

But among the hundreds of Ecommerce Sites which ones are leading the troop? How to know which one to rely on? No worries, we are going to tell you about the 10 best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh. Read on to know more.

10 Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh

Ecommerce sites are growing at a fairly rapid rate; in addition, people are changing their buying behavior. And this new consumer is leaning towards buying through digital channels. Therefore, it is ideal for implementing your online store if you have a business.

With this information, we detail the 10 best e-commerce platforms that are present today in Bangladesh are:

01. Shopoth.com

The organic way is the healthy way- this latest mantra is spreading worldwide. Bangladesh is not much behind, and there is an uprising demand for an organic lifestyle. Shopoth.com is one of the leading e-commerce sites in this sector.

Over the years, this family has believed in the project to bring healthy and natural food to all. And today, it is able to offer hundreds of certified and excellent quality products to anyone who connects to its platform.

Shopoth.com is a well-stocked Bangladeshi organic shop with various products in the catalog. The huge warehouse receives and sends a massive amount of packages every day. This site provides 24×7 services, a great variety of payment methods, and home delivery to your doorstep.

The shop is simple and intuitive, able to put even the less experienced at ease.

02. Daraz

Daraz is one of the largest multi-vendor e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh. It is a part of an international technology company. Daraz started its journey in 2015 as a fashion platform making its way to the most prominent general e-commerce site.

 Daraz has around 2.5 million products, from cosmetics to fashion to even groceries. This platform stands out among others because of its wide range of services, doorstep delivery, easy return policy, and various payment methods, including COD.

03. Pickaboo

Pickaboo is another giant in the eCommerce industry in Bangladesh when it comes to computer electronics. Authentic and official- these two characteristics have brought Pickaboo to the top of our list. With an estimated 15 million, Pickaboo provides:

  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Computer accessories
  • Gaming console
  • TVs
  • Electronic products

Pickaboo has an online website and recently started four physical shops inside Dhaka. Their efficient delivery, EMI facility, and official warranty have created a trustworthy place for them.

04. Foodpanda

Among the food delivery services, Foodpanda is still number one. Foodpanda is a part of a global delivery platform that operates mainly in Asia.

The easy use of the app will allow you to get your food from your favorite restaurant at any time. The app automatically shows the restaurants that are connected within your area. Foodpanda operates in almost all the districts and even in remote locations. Also, they are expanding their services from food to even grocery delivery.

05. Rokomari.com

Now even book shopping is in your palm, thanks to rokomari.com. Rokomari is probably the only online book store that has a countrywide reputation. This book-based e-commerce platform started in 2012 and gained quick success for the services and the facilities.

There is a catalog of a wide range of book genres. From cult classics to translations to modern literature- there is something for everyone. Also, Rokomari gives up to 50% discounts on their website with various payment methods.

06. Bikroy.com

Bikroy.com is the pioneer of platforms for selling and buying used and new products. While most of the marketplaces are for purchasing goods, you can even sell your product on a more personal level. Especially the section of second-hand products has caught the eyes of the customers. In addition, you can search for products selecting your area so that you’ll be able to get the product locally.

07. Chaldal

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce sites, grocery shopping is also on the internet. Chaldal is another example of how good service can put you on the list of best e-commerce sites, even with groceries.

Customers can order groceries, fruits, frozen items, and everything a convenience store offers. And the ordering process is so easy with their app that all you need is to tap. Also, they provide excellent deals, cash-backs, discounts, and many more.

08. Othoba.com

Othoba.com is another e-commerce site that started its journey in 2015. This is a sister concern of Pran RFL group, thus already has a trusted customer group.

Othoba.com offers a wide range of products from fashion to furniture. As for the quality, the name is enough to ensure the best. They provide home delivery in every corner of the country. Their return policies, payment methods, and warranty policy make them one of the best in addition to the quality.

09. Sajgoj.com

Sajgoj is the most prominent e-commerce site that provides lifestyle products for both men and women. Their main goal is to provide authentic makeup, cosmetics, and personal care products.

Sajgoj was founded in 2013 and worked solely on being the most powerful lifestyle platform. They have their own app, which helps find and order products quickly. Also, Sajgoj offers various discounts and sales throughout the year.

10. Ajkerdeal.com

The final name on our list is Ajkerdeal.com. They have been working on providing top-notch services at a very reasonable cost from day one. You can find your daily necessities, household appliances, décor items, fashion, and electronics.

They offer countrywide delivery, return policy, replacement, and many other benefits, making it a hassle-free experience.

Final Words

Ecommerce sites are increasingly massive. Therefore, the growth possibilities are more significant than any other channel. On the other hand, the competition is getting more challenging, so finding the most convenient platforms is also getting difficult. Hopefully, our list will help you understand the Ecommerce sites.

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