How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Make in Saskatchewan?

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Make in Saskatchewan?
How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Make in Saskatchewan?

Life is excellent in Saskatchewan, Canada to have equity and diversity. But crime is an inevitable thing to happen even in heaven these days! Police reported 5500+ crime incidents happen among each 100,000 population in Canada.

Further, getting accused of any crime you haven’t committed is customary. You must contact criminal defense attorneys in Saskatchewan in such situations. But there are some things to consider like the payment of a lawyer. Do you know how much a criminal lawyer makes in Saskatchewan?

Well, we will have a quick discussion about that right now!

Importance of The Salary of Lawyers in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a place with plenty of recreational opportunities. Sports and culture are also a significant part of their economy. So, the businessmen out there must need advocacy from attorneys.

However, when you run a business there is a higher possibility of getting involved with tricky people. You could end up in the prison with hundreds of dangerous convicts. Only a criminal defense lawyer can keep you safe from extreme punishment.

Fortunately, you will assign the right criminal lawyer for you after knowing the salary. Because lawyers have a different range of fees depending on their experience and knowledge. And you need to spend money on the right guy.

How Much Does A Criminal Lawyer Make in Saskatchewan?

As we mentioned earlier, lawyer’s fees may vary depending on several factors. The average criminal lawyer’s gross salary in Regina and Saskatchewan is around $135,000.

But there is no fixed amount for their salary. We have categorized the pay scale according to their expertise.

  • Average: The average criminal lawyers have a gross salary of $136,975 in Regina, Saskatchewan. The salary is equivalent to the hourly rate of $66. Also, this is 2% lower (-$3,252) than the average criminal lawyer salary in capitals in Canada.
  • Bonus: Lawyers in Saskatchewan earn an average bonus of $7,794. Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Experience: An entry-level criminal lawyer (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of $95,174. On the other end, a senior-level criminal lawyer (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of $170,422.

(Data powered by ERI’s Salary Expert Database)

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What Skills Do the Lawyers Have for Their Average Salary?

Most popular criminal lawyers have multiple sets of technical skills. Moreover, they must acquire a certain percentage of skill sets. Here is the list of skills they need.

  • Advise Clients: Lawyers need 80 percent competency in advising clients.
  • Analyzing Drafts: Lawyers must be analyzing drafts with 60 percent of competency.
  • Gathering Evidence: Lawyers with 60 percent competency in gathering evidence are more successful.
  • Representing Clients: Lawyers need 60 percent competency to represent clients in court.
  • Negotiating Agreements: Lawyers with 40 percent of competency in agreement negotiations are comfortable with clients.

Why Does Criminal Lawyer Salary in Saskatchewan Feel High?

Saskatchewan is one of the most attractive provinces in Canada. The living cost in Saskatchewan is 4% higher than in any other place in Canada.

The cost depends on food, transportation, medical services, rent, taxes, and other household expenses. So, it is normal for criminal lawyers to charge according to the salary data from the ERI Database.

What is The Potential Salary Incensement for Criminal Lawyers in Saskatchewan?

The report says there is a potential salary increment for criminal lawyers in Saskatchewan. Especially the salary changes every 5 years. That estimation says there will be a 17 percent rise in the salary in 2028, which will lie around $185,525.

Reasons to Hire Criminal Lawyers of Large Salary

There are several reasons to choose an expert criminal attorney.

  • Complicated Law: No ordinary lawyer will reach the end using the pothole when the law and case both are complicated.
  • Challenging Evidence: Lawyers with proper legal training know which piece of evidence will be sustained.
  • Access to Witness: Proficient lawyers can convince witnesses to come to court even in critical situations.
  • Filling Documents: Expert lawyers fill out all papers carefully, so the jury board does not reject any of the requests.

Wrap Up

The average criminal defense lawyer’s salary in Canada is around $117,000 per year. Which is almost $60 per hour. Saskatchewan is an impressive spot for lawyers. We think their salary is not bad at all. Overall, they will deliver a result worth your money.


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